Launching A Venture

This book is designed to provide the frameworks and insights to those who wish to build a scaling business. Working through the entrepreneurial process is an exercise in defining vision and goals, implementing ideas, building a team, managing the unknown, and creating a business model with sustainable cash flows. This book is a study guide for those processes and tools needed to grow a business.

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The Mask | A Fathers Reflections of Loss.

I have written this book to honor my son Ryan, and to share my journey of grief after losing him. The weight of sadness is often too heavy for conversation; so I’ve tried to share my feelings in poetry and thoughts. Love never dies - neither will my grief. But with grace, it is teaching me to be a better man. I’ve made a conscious choice to embrace grief; To reflect on its lessons as I write about the journey. These are my thoughts from my first year of loss. I never knew I had so many tears.

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