Redefining Care Management

For the past year, Narus Health has been developing additional care management and clinical support tools to assist individuals and their family caregivers as they experience the healthcare system. Beginning in January, we expanded well beyond our palliative care origin by adding over 30 companies from across the country as clients. Narus Health now delivers 24/7 care support for any eligible employee and their family – addressing symptoms, evaluating care support issues, coordinating medical appointments, improving understanding of treatment plans, and providing clarity of both covered benefits and costs.

The result is an innovative, responsive, technology enabled service that improves the connection of the individual’s healthcare data, empowers employees to make desired decisions for themselves and their families, and help both the employer and their employee manage their costs. This powerful and unique capability is delivered through a highly personalized and flexible, mobile-optimized care management program. We will also continue to provide its palliative care services.

In addition to these two service lines – Care Management and Palliative Care – I fully expect we will add additional employer and employee support services as we continue to partner with employers to help them more directly address their healthcare concerns and costs. We are committed to helping individuals feel empowered in the healthcare experience. Employers are tired of the status quo – they want more meaningful experiences for their workforce and a more direct relationship with providers. We help them achieve that goal.

Founded in 2015, Narus Health is a company built on the notion that healthcare is too complicated, especially for those dealing with serious medical conditions. Our team of innovators set out to create a supportive solution that, when done well, results in the patient, family caregivers, providers, hospital systems, and payers all benefiting from our involvement.

As we began working with employers, we saw that they were routinely presented with data that showed their cost increasing and where it was being spent, but it did not provide the ‘So what can we do about it?’ They genuinely wanted healthcare to feel like a ‘benefit’ and felt very frustrated that their costs continued to increase and  their employees were not engaged with the services that were a part of their benefit plan. Employees felt equally squeezed, picking up more of the expenses themselves but feeling they had little voice in their own healthcare experience.

We want to work with the employers, employees and providers to truly improve the overall healthcare experience at the birth of the claim. Our primary focus is on the chronic and complex patients that usually make up 10% of the employee population but contribute 70% of the total cost.

Our proprietary technology lets us deliver care support in an entirely new way, creating an experience that is less time consuming yet far more meaningful for everyone involved. The individual gets personalized, confidential support, and the employer gets greater overall understanding. It’s our company’s way of responding to both employer and employee expectations of wanting a more convenient, simplified, and transparent medical experience.

For too many people, healthcare just happens — often causing frustration, expense, and lack of certainty. Narus believes individuals prefer to have someone truly listen, provide personal support and offer specific guidance for them and their family. We believe if you provide that 24/7, you can be available when people need help and support the most.

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