Human Care

As I reflect upon the work ahead in making healthcare better for our citizens, one thought continues to resonate with me at a deeply personal level: “real transformation begins with one human being.” It all begins with me (and you) – and our having the courage to transform health - one consumer at a time. And to deliver that care, we need a community with a shared purpose and a singular voice. 

Here are some thoughts that perhaps we can find some common ground to begin the disruption - working together to make health care feel more like “human care.”

  • The words “consumer” and “human” will lead us to the right place to start building meaningful relationships – the greatest disruptor of the healthcare system is the consumer.

  • We need to move healthcare from “what’s the matter with you” to “what matters to you.”

  • End users never complain about being involved too early in the product development process.

  • There is indeed a direct link between health literacy and the overall state of health of a community.

  • The Paradox of Choice – too many choices lead to no decisions (aka:  Hicks Law)

  • There is no silver bullet – healthcare transformation occurs one customer at a time.

  • Targeted therapies are turning cancer into a chronic disease.

  • Bold leaders who really what to be disruptive bet on new innovations while the rest of the industry just continues to do financial engineering to their current models.

  • Price is a powerful data point. 

  • A real customer is the greatest validator of a concept.

  • Identify which preferences really matter to consumers – then offer options that are empowering – not overpowering.

  • Simplicity and trusted advice account for almost 60% of what drives consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Cornerstones of great service that are daily occurrences in the retail and the consumer brand space must also apply to the business of health.

  • Empathy, personal service, empowerment and shared perspectives are all part of our new health reality.

  • The job of a leader is not to preserve the status quo, we must evolve. Leaders must be change agents, driving innovation across their organizations.

  • The greatest drivers in our evolution are technology and personal data.

  • The learning to come from sharing outcomes across communities and across continents will improve the health of the world – and in doing so, improves the health of your own family.

  • Social data has incredible power to help us understand the consumer’s experience in healthcare.

I formed Narus Health with a singular purpose: to change the healthcare conversation for those facing life-limiting illness. If we are truly going to revolutionize the way we care for those with life-limiting illness, we must build a culture rooted in the service of others. Listening first to understand and placing what matters most to our patients and their families above all else.

I am inspired by the future of our industry – and I am committed to creating a better system for human beings. Human care.