Another Trip Around The Sun

Oh, no, another birthday.  Another year older! What ever will I do? Here's my plan. I am going toenjoy every moment of it. It was 6 years ago I hit what most people see as the last enjoyable milestone birthday - the big “50.”

I am now considered old by most measures - so I have the right to say this: my birthdays are now about remembering what tugs at my heart strings - the things that drive my passion to do good and make a difference. Birthdays are about the beautiful memories of friends and fellowship; the joy and pain of life; and appreciating those who remain by my side celebrating life with me.

Time changes things. Or rather, things change with time. One day ends to give way to another. And another. The earth slowly rotates and revolves. The clock’s hands never stop. And with it, the wheels of change are set into motion. Every year we make 1 more trip around the sun. And along the way is a pathway littered with both the good and the bad - and memories made in the best of times and the worst of times.

I look back at the past 56 years and it a messy landscape of immense joy and intense pain. Life happened. I’ve stopped worrying about gray hairs, the wrinkles around my eyes, the 5-10 pounds I wish I could lose (more around the holidays) and trips to the doctor. Newsflash: it's happening to everyone. 

Today, I will save the worry for another day, and lighten up a bit. Today I celebrate the joy of life. Today I take stock of my life. I will feel gratitude for having been loved and cherished. I will feel thankful for being given the life I now lead. I will remember the friends who are part of my life - the good people who have helped me along this journey (often picking me up at the weakest moment). Most importantly, today will I count my blessings. Today I will build more memories as I start another trip around the sun.