It's The Grind

It’s not just the climb, it’s the grind. It’s the getting up while other people are sleeping. It’s the walking by your TV and not letting it suck you in. It’s the ignoring what you’d like to do because what you’d love to do needs your time.

It’s sucker punching Monday morning and starting your day before fear has a chance to find you.

It’s taking care of the 1,000s of details it takes to turn your dream into a business.

It’s the asking people for help even though you’d like to pretend you’re too strong to need it. It’s losing the client, losing the opportunity and realizing you didn’t lose your identity. It’s getting back up. It’s the 4 AM alarm clock to catch an early flight. It’s the remembering that hard work still beats 100% of the shortcuts others might take.

And to fail… and fail again. And get better.   Slower than you’d like. In increments smaller than you’d like, but better is better.

It’s the not being ashamed of your success or apologizing for the wins, but having the courage to celebrate them without stumbling into the land of arrogance. It’s starting all over again every time the sun does.

Is it just the climb? No.  If you want to change your life and the world, it’s the grind.