Focus: Think About Strengths

As entrepreneurs, we understand that focus is a extremely important, and anything you can do to narrow your focus helps drive success. But I find very few young startup entrepreneurs who really understand that that area of focus should be on your strengths.


Most of us don't spend much time or focus on the things we're best at. Usually, if you're good at something, you execute relatively quickly with almost unconscious competence and move on to something else, typically something that requires more of your attention and focus because it doesn't come naturally to you. But imagine the possibilities if you spent most, if not all, of your time and focus on the things you excel at. You could further enhance your strengths.

The common thread among many who succeed is that they focus on what they love, and devote the bulk of their waking hours to that thing, rather than focusing on what they weren't good at. They focused on their strengths.

You might be thinking that it's normal to have your focus divided as an entrepreneur. A business is made up of many different facets and each of them requires some attention. This is true, but ask yourself, does it require my attention? Once you clearly understand your area of strength and focus, then surround yourself with others whose strengths are not yours.  That's a model for success!