Door of Opportunity

Over the years, we will each know many moments of happiness and well-earned achievement. We will also experience our fair share of challenges, unexpected changes, sadness, negative outcomes and yes, disappointments. In time, if you live long enough, some tragedy will also come. For some of us, tragedy came much to early.


Our lives are constantly evolving - and doors of opportunity stand in front of us each day - one door may lead to more education, perhaps another to a different job, one may lead us to have lunch with an old friend, another to volunteer some of our time. And behind each door are new and unknown experiences - that shape our human journey here on this earth.
After surviving life's worst (losing my child) - I've learned set my sights each day on walking through doors of opportunity. To see where they lead, to explore what might be, to evaluate new situations, to fully live. It's a gift of grace my son is teaching me from the great beyond.

Many of us are cursed with choice. We have more than one door in front of us - a myriad of choices. Others have only one door in front of them - and often it feels locked - and they must persistently work to get the door open to move ahead. I've had both. Growing up a poor kid in rural Mississippi, I had only one door of opportunity - get an education and get out of my situation. It took enlisting in the army, hours of study to get a scholarship to college, and 2 jobs after school to save enough to get there - but slowly the door opened. And a kind man who had known success, held the door of opportunity open for me by mentoring me and giving me encouragement when I felt I simply couldn't possibly go on.

Regardless of your situation - whether there is one door or many - the secret is to keep moving. Keep opening doors and walking through them. Keep exploring. Never become complacent. Never feel you've "arrived." And never stop walking through the doors.

And should you get lucky - and find yourself in a place of grace and abundance - consider holding the door open for someone else. You'll find it's the greatest gift you can give - the gift of opportunity.