My 6 Core Values

Each of us have things we value in life – some more than others.  While not an “All Inclusive” list, here are the things I value as an individual.  Hope you enjoy reading these:

Professionalism - I shall seek and reward professionalism in both my personal and professional relationships.  I cannot control what issues and situations may come my way, but I can control how I choose to react.  I choose to remain professional when I face prejudice and adversity.

Learning I am committed to a philosophy of life-long learning. This is best demonstrated by my being open to new ideas and concepts. I shall seek first to understand – then to be understood. The opportunity to understand comes through active listening.

Diversity - All of humanity was created by God; made in his image. We are all unique individuals with different tastes, strengths, gifts, and skills. Our diversity is our strength.

Unconditional Love - I shall seek each day the opportunity to demonstrate unconditional love to my children. By sharing and showing unconditional love, I allow them to see and know Christ.

Competence - Individuals choose to follow those they believe to be caring, visionary, and competent. Competence cannot be faked. It becomes very visible when one is faced with very challening situations where there are no easy answers.

Fitness - I must exercise both my body and my mind. Fitness (both mental and physical) is essential for success. Being fit allows me to manage my stress and make better decisions.