Thoughts on Work

Over the past decade, the relationships we experience at work - and the notion of work itself - has changed. 

The nature of work has moved from a local view to a global perspective. Our individual relationship with the workday has expanded from an 8-to-5, eight hour day, to almost a 24/7 experience.  In today’s world, work can happen anytime, any place, with almost anyone. The lines between work time and personal time are blurred. Even when we leave the work environment, it’s on our mind. 

If we’re completely honest, work is at the center of most of our lives. At one end of the spectrum, work is the necessary evil that provides a means to pay the bills. At the other end of the spectrum, work is a place where one thrives and actually looks forward to being. And there’s various dimensions of work in between these two extremes.  

Regardless of where you personally exist on this spectrum, work matters. Work is where we form many of our most important relationships - whether it’s personal friends, professional colleagues - sometimes even a companion. 

The reality is that work and life are much like DNA - a braided system - blended, overlapping and seamless. When all is going well at work - we thrive. We feel connected when we’re adding value and contributing expertise to a positive result. We have purpose. When our relationship with work (or the relationships at work) flounder - we find ourselves stressed and taking those stressors home to our families.  When these professional relationships are damaged, it impacts our personal relationships.

Work is the biggest team sport in which any of us get to participate. And as a team sport, business cannot be just about the numbers. Great teams have a great culture driven by great leadership. Relationships are meaningful and teammates are connected. The collective attitude is very positive and everyone on the team works hard to accomplish their mission.